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Daily Drop In

1-hr visit- $35.00  or  1/2-hr visit- $25.00


- This is a great option for working families, and families who are away from home for long periods of time throughout the day.

- Visits are per household not per pet. One hour visits may be more appropriate for multiple pets.


- Services are not limited to dogs, we provide care for all pets large and small.

- Dog walks can be scheduled throughout the week, or used as an “as needed” service. 


- Includes one in-person meeting to discuss client’s needs and expectations at no charge!


- Time will be spent walking/exercising dogs, ensuring potty breaks are occurring.


- Basic requests such as refreshing water, feeding, giving treats and wiping paws will be met

Overnight Pet Companion/ House Sitting

24 Hours- $200.00​


- This is a great option for families vacationing, or those who are away from home for longer periods of time. Benefits include minimizing stress of the pet while maintain in their familiar home, diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted, and limit’s pet’s exposure to illness.


- Includes one in-person “meet and greet” to discuss client’s needs, and expectations at no charge!


- Time will be spent walking/exercising dogs, ensuring potty breaks are occurring.


- Your pets will be fed, given water, brushes, and administered medication if needed.

- Plenty of one-on-one pampering will be provided.


- Regular updates will be provided to clients, which includes sharing photos, videos, and locations.


- Additional services include looking after the home keeping it clean and tidy, bringing in the mail, turning lights on/off as needed, and making sure the home is securely locked up.

Hunter Graham

Hunter is passionate about animals and has extensive experience working with dogs, cats, reptiles, and amphibians. Hunter has a natural, gentle, and calming personality, which allows him to bond with the animals quickly. He is patient and meticulous about animal care - feeding, exercise and other important routines.


Kendal Powe

Kendal has grown up fostering small-breed dogs in her home. She has experience with cats, birds, and rabbits. Kendal has a very patient approach to dogs and cats, giving her the opportunity to create a strong bond with animals. Kendal will shower your pet with the individualized love and attention it deserves.

Fear Free Certified

The Fear Free Certification Program teaches pet professionals how to eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress for happier patients, more compliant clients, and safer visits.


Photo Gallery 

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